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Sloth "Fred" Going Fast with Turtle "Tully" - White Mug

Sloth "Fred" Going Fast with Turtle "Tully" - White Mug

Sloth "Fred" Going Fast with Turtle "Tully" - White Mug

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We all have a dream. Some people want to be rich and famous. Others want to live a life beyond their wildest imagination, taking in art, culture, and experiencing far away destinations.

Fred's dream is a little different. Fred just wants to move fast... or at least a little quick. Fred is a fun loving, friendly sloth who likes adventure - and to him, about the biggest adventure he can imagine is cruising at a speed only a turtle could manage.

For Fred, he is in the driver's seat on a highway to feeling heavenly, as he sits atop Tully the turtle, who has been known to reach speeds of almost one mile per hour! Once he perches on top of Tully's shell, it's all about living the dream, baby!

If you love life in the fast lane and know you need a good buddy to help you navigate the way, this is the mug for you. Let everyone know, not only are sloths the most ridiculously cute and cuddly creatures ever, but even they know life is about dreaming big. Next time you're wondering if you should take the highway or the backroads, just look down at this premium high quality printed mug and smile... because Fred and Tully are telling you it doesn't matter how you get there, just enjoy the ride!

Product features:
  • White ceramic
  • 15 oz (0.44 l)
  • Rounded corners
  • C-Handle

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