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Elated Notebook with Password Lock

Elated Notebook with Password Lock

Elated Notebook with Password Lock

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100 sheets, front and back, so 200 pages to write on. Inside book can be replaced, keeping the cover and the lock for more than just one notebook.

Dimensions: 6 x 8.5 inches.

A5 retro style faux leather.

Password protected personal stationery notebook.

Thickened creative hand ledger with secret special combination to open when ready to use.

Can be used as a travel journal, student notepad, a pregnancy planner, etc. each page has a space for the date at the top of the page.

This notebook comes in six color options with a silky ribbon bookmark to keep your place without having to flip through pages each time you open it. The pages are lined on both sides.

A private diary that only belongs to you. Keeping a little secret in your heart and writing freely in comfort.

"Determination is the beginning of success"

Has a slot for a pen inside as well as credit cards or ID cards (pen and cards not included).

The initial password is 000 and you can easily change it to a safe password of your choice.

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