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Stellar Stickies

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Enhance your workspace with Stellar Stickies!

These self-adhesive planet sticky notes are a fun desk accessory that bring galactic excitement to your office. Use these stellar stickies to stay organized at times when you have heavy workload or a full schedule and need an extra level of organization. Add these cute sticky notes to your collection of cute stationery and office supplies!

    Key Benefits

    • Colorful: Choose from four (4) planet colors each time you reach for a sticky note to use during your work day.
    • High Quality Materials: The self-adhesive backing section is strong and will not easily fall off when stuck to other papers and some smooth, flat surfaces such as your desk, folder, or computer monitor.
    • Multipurpose: Tag important pages in your planner, books, or just use these as a cute self-adhesive memo pad!
    • Stay organized: These stellar stickies will help you keep your important documents in order.
    • Quantity: Thirty (30) sheets per pack.
    • Approximate Dimensions: 3-inch diameter.

    These Stellar Stickies pair well with our Desk Storage Organizer!

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