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100 Small Mixed Flower Thumbtacks

100 Small Mixed Flower Thumbtacks 100pcs Small Mixed Flower Thumbtacks  Why use regular thumbtacks when you can have 100 pieces of the most adorable shapes that will elevate your office space with style.  Accessories, Delights, Home & Living, Home Decor, Office Decor    Elated Desk

100 Small Mixed Flower Thumbtacks

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Beautify your favorite cork bulletin board with these mixed flower pushpins!

This gorgeous gift box set of wildflower thumbtacks is perfect for those looking for variety and uniqueness.

The push pin set consists of a creative variety of wild flowers including roses, dahlias, water lilies, gerberas, poppies, plumerias, tulips, daisies, chrysanthemums, sunflowers, cinquefoils and more.

Fits all corkboards.

Flower sizes range from 3/8" - 13/16")(1cm-2cm)
Pin Length: 3/8" (1cm)

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