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About Us

Welcome to Elated Desk! We’re so glad to have you here.

Here at Elated Desk, we believe that working should be a fun and cozy experience. We’re a small team of working professionals based in Chicago who realized that we can make work a better place for those with high work ethic. Our idea for Elated Desk started when the coronavirus pandemic struck and millions of people transitioned from working in an office building with coworkers to working at home. We noticed a large percentage of people not having the most efficient working environment in their homes. Some people work in their kitchen, bedroom, living room, and other areas that are not intended for full-time work. We began thinking of important things we needed in order to become better and more efficient workers while at home.

When searching for new products to create our home offices, like desks, chairs, and other office essentials, we found satisfactory products, but satisfactory is not enough. We need optimal, premium products that inspire us to work. We didn’t find enough quality options that satisfied our necessity to have office products that motivate us to start work each day, so Elated Desk was formed. It is important to have office furniture and office supplies that make us want to spend time in the office and be productive.

Elated Desk, where you can find all things practical and functional to elevate your experience working in your home office. We let the cool and simple details create a fun and cozy work from home setting. Elated Desk is your new hub for all office essentials as well as other household things to amplify your favorite spaces. View our Desk Delights for all things desk-related, Office Decor for office furniture and lighting, and Stationery for office supplies and small things to stay organized on your desk.

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We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do!

- Elated Desk Team

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