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Pouring Coffee Creative Desk Decor

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Make your desk space stand out with the Pouring Coffee Creative Desk Decor. Nothing gets one up and productive like a cup of hot coffee. Well, now you can enjoy the artistic look of coffee being poured to get you in the right headspace to work. Pour yourself a real cup of coffee to go along with the coffee statue and make it extra fun working at your desk. Decorating your workstation will have you ready and excited to get things done as you create your own environment. This pouring coffee decor is even a great conversation starter and is sure to catch the eye of your coworkers or family members.

Key Features

  • Abstract coffee pouring decor that shows your love of coffee in an artistic fashion
  • Makes a great gift to a friend or loved one with a deep passion for coffee
  • Available in 3 different colors (flavors) of coffee
  • Great decorative piece to add to your desk or workstation

Decorate your desk with our Pouring Coffee Creative Desk Decor and order yours today!

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