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Choosing Lighting Temperatures Like A Pro!

Choosing Lighting Temperatures Like A Pro!

Cover photo by Yugantar Sambhangphe from Pexels

Lighting is a major component of an interior design that adds a finishing touch to the decoration of an interior. The lighting plan of a house has the capacity to uplift its interior design and take its décor to the next level. There are various lighting temperatures that are used in different intensities in different areas of a house. You can add a designer touch to your home by choosing these temperatures and here comes a simple and easy guide to choose the lighting temperatures.

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The intensity of lights can be categorized as warm, neutral and cool lighting. All these temperatures are used in an interior design in different portions of your house. You can easily identify the lighting temperature from a color temperature scale that can help you pick the warmth or coolness (intensity) of light.

Warm Lighting

Warm lighting is used in a space to create a calming effect. It is usually used in the bedrooms but you can also use it in the hallways, dining areas, and maybe some other areas of your house. Warm lighting makes an interior cozy and inviting with a warm and welcoming atmosphere that it creates.

Neutral Lighting

Neutral lighting is used to illuminate a space with no sharpness of light. It can also be used in a bedroom in combination with warm lighting. You can also install neutral lights where there is a little inflow of sunlight. It fulfills the need for light during the day in a shaded home. You may assess the need for neutral lights for different portions of your house. In the noon, if there is little natural light in any area of your house and it makes you feel like sitting under a tree. Then you must pick some pieces of neutral lights for those portions of your home to create a perfect balance of lights. Neutral lighting can be included in the basic lighting plan in the form of decorative lamps, pendant lights, chandlers, and whatever way you like.

Cool Lighting

Cool lightingis used to create an interactive and active living space. It is normally used in the living rooms, study areas, home offices, public spaces, and more. You can also use cool lighting in the form of accent lights. Such as, you can add a fascinating piece of art to a wall and use accent lights with cool temperature to highlight it and I bet you will truly fall for it! Moreover, you can also include this temperature of lighting in your bedroom but the interior designers then suggest you to pick decorative lights for this. Such as, you may pick LED strip lights of the very temperature to occupy some space within your bedroom.You may use it in the ceiling too or along the boundaries of your favorite piece of wall art. The choice is yours!

The Bottom Line

You can smartly choose the temperature of lights to create an appealing lighting plan for the interior of a space. It makes it much easy and economical to improve the appearance of space with varying temperatures of lights.


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